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A True Day of Sadness

Arthur Lee has been called into service of the universe.

Love is in our hearts.

Love, the sound, will forever remain.


May you smile the next time you hear Arthur, on tape, cd, or mental remembrance of a song that changed you to who you are now.

And when you smile,

Arthur will know it, and feel a sense of completeness.

And all the efforts throughout his life, will be like a mountain top,

for all to appreciate, for its beauty and splendor and perhaps the illusion of it's unattainable height.

Arthur ---WE LOVE YOU------.

Never forget.


My name is Alona, an 18 year old from Israel, and I really need your help.
My best friend's birthday is in two weeks from now..and I really want to give her
a Love poster of the Forever Changes album.
I tried to find it on eBay but didn't succeed =\
So I found a cool israeli website that I can upload a picture to and make whatever poster I like...the problem is that the biggest picture I've found is too small according to website:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If you have a larger pic of the album I will be grateful forever.
Thanks ahead,
silver surfer

Bad News for Arthur Lee

It looks like his band has given him the boot. Read this "official" announcement from The Love Band as they are calling themselves:

Johnny Echols however seems poised to take the The Love Band (formerly Baby Lemonade) to glory on his own.

I wonder what Arthur is going to do now. Will he try again with another incarnation of Love?

Keep your eyes peeled folks and report it here.

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How is Arthur Lee not more famous? I just don't get it. Whenever I get talking about music with someone new either in the real world or here on LJ, hardly anybody seems to have a clue who Love are, never mind who he is. I mean, it's not as if Love were deliberately obscure or anything like that. If anything they were pretty commercial for the summer of love. I only know about four people who actually know who Arthur Lee is, and that's only cos I won't shut up about him. He's miles better than the likes of Lennon, McCartney, Jagger, Plant, Richards, Page, Reed, Dylan and Morrison - most great songwriters of the era. Even Hendrix, given legend status for decades, and probably decades to come. How come noone talks about The Everlasting First - arguably one of the best things Hendrix has had anything to do with.
It's just totally well and truly beyond me why Love aren't more famous. You've gotta admit, the world would be a better place if world leaders woke up one day to listen to Forever Changes.
I propose that all national anthems be replaced with You Set The Scene.

Video Codes

I found out about this site for video codes to use on myspace and holy shit they have codes for LOVE!! I didn't know Love had made videos. They have other great band videos but this is fucking LOVE and arthur Lee! Check it out:

Oh and if anyone knew about this and has their videos on their computer tell me.

On another note:
Theres a song by the garage rock band The make up called "Free Arthur Lee".
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